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Why does a series of jewelry package boxes use paper rather than gelatinous

January 05 , 2022

Why gelatinoid connected jewelry boxes in the past so popular situation, to 10 years later the situation began to go straight down, many packaging factories have begun to transform into paper jewelry boxes.

First of all, many gelatinous boxes have one characteristic, that is, they are relatively high, which is not particularly suitable for consumers in carrying.When using these jewelry boxes, there are no more than two situations. One is to give them to the other half as a gift, whether it is a jewelry or a suit of a certain brand. In this case, too many gelatinized boxes will undoubtedly bring a problem, which is very bloated.However, another problem will occur when a paper bag is customized. Most of the plastic box is square and high, but its floor area is actually not large. It is difficult for him to find a loading balance for a suit, while the paper jewelry package box is different.

Many paper jewelry boxes manufacturers selection box, multidimensional cover and drawer box in the form of heaven and earth, they add in her case, even set up the first win is not fully come to light, but only the jewellery core position, thus highly most embryo box for glue is 60% ~ 70%, and covers an area of and cross area will stretch to a very sharpPaper bags can be neatly arranged like building blocks.

Then, the paper jewelry suits the natural advantages of box is used on pasting process, many plastic box of the surface of the embryo, is to use the pu leather, or other non paper pasting, and the outer layer material of this type, most are only use hot stamping this kind of technology, and custom paper high-end jewelry packaging material is different, even if there is a special processing specialty paper,Special paper itself is a pre-processed process, and it also has a certain beauty. Moreover, this series of jewelry package boxes, with unique special paper as mounting paper, can also serve as a symbolic feature and leave an impression on people.

Actually both embryo box or glue paper boxes jewelry suit, cannot leave the role he itself, is used to the inside of the packing of jewelry, in fact, the end user, as well as consumers from the perspective of consumers, how to facilitate their use, they use a fun, experience, will is truly meaningful change.