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Why do you need color boxes packaging for your products?

January 05 , 2022

With the rapid development of economy, the state's environmental protection is also increasing.It is an inevitable result of social development that paper color box packaging replaces those non-recyclable boxes. Moreover, environmental protection color box packaging has many advantages that other materials packaging boxes do not have.

Now the paper color box packaging technology has been achieved, Moisture-proof, waterproof, packaging curing, mildew proof, asepsis, packaging cutting, vacuum, fitting, anti-static, anti-odor, shrinkage, stretching, fresh-keeping, printing, labeling, wrapping and so on.

Moreover, environmental protection color box. The material has good flexibility, tear, hardness control, but also easy to produce into a variety of shapes. Therefore, now the paper environmental protection color box has almost been able to replace most other materials of the packaging box.

Because the paper packaging box can be recycled so energy saving and environmental protection, and paper materials are cheap and light and easy to transport. And other material packaging box is not so cheap.For example, metal boxes, wooden boxes, glass boxes, leather boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes, plastic boxes, etc. I know people want to say that plastic boxes are cheaper than color boxes, but plastic is not environmentally friendly, and plastic boxes are not as good as color boxes.