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Why Do Many Double-open Boxes And Some High-end Boxes Use Magnets As Seals?

January 04 , 2022

Do you know what is the most critical step or process technology for the double opening box? The necessity of magnets, I believe that many have seen a double open box or some more high-end box customization design will be found, the vast majority, there will be magnets this accessory.

Of course,lid and top box and earth and surrounding edge cover box is an exception, then why the magnet is widely used on these high-end packaging cartons, actually very simple, double open the packing box can have a common, is the box itself if light on inside and outside the box or a box pasting friction stuck to each other, to keep the box in a closed state, very, very difficult, because of the characteristics of double open, will let the box of the contact area is not like ordinary even picked up a vertical outer cartons, the inside of the box will not fall out, in order to ensure that the use of time, double open box when open the fluency is not blocked, will do relatively wide, Making the width will bring a more difficult to rely on the box itself to overcome the difficulty, double open box closed not tight.

In this case, the most simple let double don't easily to be open, open box is equipped with a magnet on the box cover, it can prevent slide or between the up and down inside and outside the box is too loose to also have a lot, but on the other way tend to use more sophisticated technology, more precise accuracy, for example, adjusting bei board, make a few beer plate is very accurate, won't appear the situation, but it is very difficult, this need not just beer master plate is very professional, in order to adjust to a perfect state of data, also need to waste a lot of material, to think of it, a beer plate size is 200 ~ 300, More than 300 large, this high-end double open box beer plate is generally not small.

Although we are in pursuit of high-end double open box, but doesn't mean that, in order to do the high-end box, so a lot of costs that it does not matter, if use the magnet can play a fixed lifted the lid of the case, just need to leave a little gap between the upward, downward, inward, outward, box, BuKa death can accomplish this purpose.