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Why Are Pvc Packaging Boxes So Popular?

January 04 , 2022

Packaging is used to hold gifts. So first of all, the packaging can not be detrimental to the gift, pollution, irritating smell of the packaging materials will not only damage the gift, but also directly endanger the health and safety of the recipient, so the packaging materials, shape and structure must be reasonable. Under the long-distance transport or carry, we also consider the gift packaging shall be firm, wear-resistant, pressure-resistant and even waterproof, so as to avoid prolonged consumption of the packaging to make a complete mess, and affect the gift itself. The length, width, height and structure of the package should be easy for customers to carry.

Our company (Lux Paper Box) produces pvc packaging box. PVC refers to in English as PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), which is vinyl chloride monomer (vinyl chloride monomer, abbreviated VCM) in peroxide, azo compounds and other initiators; or a substance in the role of light, heat according to the mechanism of free radical polymerization reaction. PVC material is extremely versatile, with good processing performance, low manufacturing cost, corrosion resistance, insulation and other good features, so it is usually used as the material of packaging boxes.

PVC packaging boxes have many advantages, but we cannot deny that they have certain disadvantages, the first one is the influence of temperature, therefore, not all products and industries can use PVC transparent boxes as a packaging method. The following are the suitable industries.

1, Cosmetics industry: perfume, skin care products, cosmetic combination sets and a series of environmentally friendly transparent gift packaging boxes.

2, Electronics industry: electronic products packaging box is the most widely used PVC plastic box, U disk, mobile power, cell phone case, cell phone film, mouse and other PVC transparent packaging box.

3, Other industries: fishing gear, clothing, daily household, automotive boutique and other consumer goods of various industries pvc transparent packaging boxes.

The characteristics of PVC packaging boxes are as follows.

1, Intuitive: the use of new transparent materials, so that your carefully designed products are fully presented in front of the eyes of customers, the first time to attract customers' attention! Customers are more willing to buy goods that can be seen!

2, Aesthetics: Film offset printing, perfect reproduction of the pattern, bright and beautiful color, screen printing color thick, strong texture, through the printing graphics to enhance the grade of the product, increase the attractiveness, so that your products stand out of similar products!

3, Benefit: Using folding box packaging, simple assembly, good support, waterproof and durable, occupying a small area, reducing transportation and storage costs.

Our high-quality packaging can better decorate your products, and we look forward to the formation of a win-win situation with customers, looking forward to more manufacturers and our cooperation.