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Why Are Many Goods Packaged In A Cylindrical Shape?

January 04 , 2022

The circle has good resistance to deformation,

The circle can get the most effective area, and the cylinder can also get the most effective volume.

Round to reduce the internal stress of packaging, upper and lower surface can be cut; The rest only need to be rolled into a rectangle, save packaging materials, appearance design can be multi-variable, multi-direction view is not affected.

Packaging not only serves as a product protector, but also plays a positive promotional role. With the fierce competition in the market in recent years, more and more people are trying their best to make it play the latter role. The Japanese scholar Ijozo once put forward a principle of "eye-catching, understanding and good feeling". To promote the role of eye-catching packaging, first of all to attract the attention of consumers, because only the attention of consumers can be purchased.