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What Matters Need To Be Noted When Making Custom Gift Boxes?

January 04 , 2022

Nowadays, with the rapid development of the cosmetic industry, the competition of high-end gift boxes in the shopping mall is gradually intense. Different brands of cosmetics have launched different levels of gift boxes. How can you make your premium Gift Package Box that stands out from the rest?

It is important to know that the premium cosmetic gift boxes are completely different from the general boxes, from the selection of materials to the planning, from the planning to the production of manufacturing, and there are tedious requirements. In addition, it is necessary to combine with the products launched by the business to tailor-made. The following is a brief analysis of this type of gift box planning.

Firstly, an advanced cosmetic Gift Package Box needs to start from the appearance. As long as the cosmetic boxes are exquisite and attractive, it will make the customers have a more faint desire to buy. For example, whether it is whitening or hydrating, whether it is more herbal ingredients or more pure plant ingredients. You should, based on the characteristics of the product, plan the most direct and simple way.

Secondly, it is also very important to select the raw materials for this kind of gift boxes. Since it is a high grade cosmetic gift box, it is natural not to use defective raw materials. So we must put some effort in selecting the raw materials. To know the selection of raw materials, it can be said that the overall effect is directly affected. Now the most common packaging gift box mainstream raw materials are paper, plastic, wood. Rarely see the metal type of packaging boxes.

Thirdly, we should know that there are many cosmetic gift box planning companies of different scales on the market now, and we must pick a senior and strong planning company. Such a company will have experienced planners as well as plate makers. By choosing a high standard planning company, in addition to supplying a more complete planning plan, the planners can also let them refer to the planning of other related brands, and thus, on this basis, have a better planning style and overall effect.

High-grade Gift Package Box is divided into many types. Each type of box has its own characteristics, so you can reasonably choose different gift box needs according to your needs. The following is the analysis of different box types by gift box manufacturers, giving you some different suggestions for reference.

The first is the heaven and earth box, which is the simplest type of Gift Package Box. The workmanship is simple and convenient, the price is relatively cheap, and the appearance is simple and generous. The customization period of the box is also relatively short, so you can choose the cheap, fast world packaging box.

Next is the flip-top box, which is the opening time of the flip-top. The biggest feature is that it is suitable for displaying, the type of box is more attractive, and the custom price of flip-top box is slightly more expensive than the world box. However, the opening method is unique, and some high-end products are more preferable.

Then there is the drawer box, the less used box type. It is called a drawer box because its opening method is very similar to that of a drawer and is characterized by a sense of mystery. However, drawer boxes are more expensive to customize but relatively ordinary in appearance, so they are less used.