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What is the structure of paper packaging design, and their respective characteristics?

January 05 , 2022

The following are seven more common paper packaging design structure, designers in the design according to the characteristics of the product, flexible use.

The design of the packing structure of the socket type carton

This is the most commonly used form of a carton, simple shape, simple process, low cost, such as the common wholesale packaging is mostly used in this form of structure.

Open window type carton packaging structure design

This form of carton is commonly used in toys, food and other products. The characteristic of this kind of structure is, can make consumer be clear to the product, increase the credibility of goods, the part that opens a window commonly uses transparent material supplement.

Packing structure design of portable cartons

This type of carton is often used in gift boxes because it is easy to carry. But we should pay attention to the volume, weight, material and handle structure of the product is comparable, so as not to damage consumers in the process of use.

Drawer type paper box packaging structure design

This packaging form is similar to the shape of the drawer, the cover and the body of the box are opened by two pieces of paper, the structure is firm and easy to use for many times. Common examples include oral liquid packaging, chocolate boxes, and so on.

Variable form carton packaging structure design

Variable form cartons pursue interesting and changeable structure, often suitable for some lively products, such as snacks, candy, toys and so on. This kind of structure is more complex, but the display effect is good.

Structure design of cartons with cover

This covered structure is divided into two types: one type and split type. The so-called all-in-one refers to the cover and the box body are connected, is a paper shape, such as the packaging of cigarettes; The split type refers to the cover and the body of the box separate, two paper formed, such as the moon cake packaging.

Structure design of combined carton packing

Combined packaging is often used in gift box packaging. This kind of packaging has both a package and a middle package. It is characterized by expensive and gorgeous, but the cost is high.