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What Paper Is Used For Packaging Boxes In The Market

December 22 , 2021

1. The high-quality packaging box generally uses coated paper, matte paper, and special-grade double-sided coated paper; the other is aluminum foil laminated packaging.

2. Aluminum foil is a soft metal film, which not only has the advantages of moisture proof, air tightness, shading, abrasion resistance, fragrance retention, non-toxic and odorless, but also because of its elegant silver-white luster, it is easy to process the beauty of various colors Patterns and patterns are more likely to be favored by people.

3. Especially after the aluminum foil is compounded with plastic and paper, the shielding property of the aluminum foil is integrated with the strength of the paper and the heat-sealability of the plastic, which further improves the necessary packaging materials for moisture, air, ultraviolet rays and bacteria. Shielding performance.

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