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What Is The Lining Material Of High-grade Gift Boxes

January 04 , 2022

The lining of the packaging box is a very important part of the packaging production, especially those high-grade packaging, which directly affects the overall grade of the gift or product, in addition to the beautiful appearance, but also reflects the sentiment expressed at the moment of sending the gift, goods with high-quality lining, not only to protect the gift from damage, but also a reflection of the high-grade quality of the gift packaging.

A sponge liner is very common because it is very inexpensive and appears to be very convenient when processing, so many manufacturers choose this material, such as some square packaging materials, in addition to some high-grade gift box packaging, like valentine's day gift boxes, is also widely used, sponge lined gift box processing only need to use the cutting method, because the structure inside is very simple.

Plastic foam and corrugated paper are also good materials for packaging liners. For some fragile goods, it can play a very good protective role, such as some jewelry packaging gift boxes are often used to plastic foam liners, like in valentine's day gift boxes; and the use of corrugated paper is even more widespread, whether it is food packaging gift boxes or liquor packaging, corrugated paper has become one of the latest and most environmentally friendly packaging methods.

Third, as a gift box lining material, some need to choose a higher quality, plastic material is a good choice, because the strength of the plastic itself is very good, in order to show the gift of high-grade, you can add velvet fabric inside, this material is both noble, but also a good protection of jewelry.

If you need to send a gift to a distant friend, or you are a manufacturer need to use long-term delivery of goods, so that the packaging gift box is very important, especially for valentine's day gift boxes, which is also for the gift or product in the process of delivery is not harmed, and better packaging materials are shock-absorbing materials, so that your gifts and products in the long-distance transport process is not harmed, only to prevent the friction to effectively maintain the gift Only by preventing friction can you effectively maintain the quality of the gift and give consumers a better experience, so many businesses now attach great importance to the packaging of goods.

The advantage of corrugated material is that it can give your goods extra cushioning protection because its surface is full of folds. Although it does not look good, its effect is powerful and can produce a protective force, which means that it produces a certain amount of gas as a support point. The use of corrugated material, especially for overhead transport plays a very big role and is very easy to make.

The advantage of foam liner is also for the more high-grade fragile items, its principle is that it can wrap the product all up, forming a thick appearance, and very soft, so that hard objects are not easy to hurt the product, and the more foam liner material needed for such a packaging method, the better, because the thicker it can have a better protection effect. Foam also has a special advantage is that it is not conductive to heat, very safe.