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What are the materials of cosmetics packaging box?

January 05 , 2022

It is no exaggeration to say that a good cosmetic packaging box can indeed drive the sales of cosmetics. Material is an important factor to do a good job in cosmetics packaging box. What are the materials?

1. White card paper

white card paper can be used to make envelopes, greeting cards can also be used to make cosmetics single box. Not only can be ordinary printing can also reverse UV printing, color reduction is higher. Behind the corresponding process can be over oil, glue and other processes to ensure that the color does not fall off. If you want to make it more delicate and artistic. In the design, make the sense of art, printing colorful colors, hot large area of gold, screen printing UV local brightening and so on. White card is now also the manufacturer of cosmetics packaging box material.

2. Gold and silver card paper

Gold and silver card paper compared with white card paper has a big difference, first said the gold card paper, gold card paper is gold, the reverse is white. Each batch comes with a different color, so when you use it to make a cosmetic box, you need to check the color with paper first. The silver card is the same as the gold card, except that the front is silver. Silver card paper and reverse UV printing is a perfect match, and in the white card paper need stamping place, silver card paper can be directly printed, you can have a metal effect. However, the same color is not the same as the color printed on the white card paper and the silver card paper, so we must make proofing before doing it.

3. kraft paper

Kraft paper is divided into white cattle and cattle, white cattle whiteness than white card paper white, and do not need glue or oil can make the color does not fall, so many small clear cosmetics packaging box material is the choice of white cattle. And scalpers are more suitable for retro cosmetics packaging boxes, and there are many types of kraft paper, each type each batch of kraft paper color is not the same. If the paper color of the company has a special requirement, we should try to avoid using kraft paper.

4. Specialty paper

Other special paper, there are many types, can be based on the demand to find paper for testing. For example, some paper comes with special grain, some paper is very high-end very bright and so on a variety of special effects.