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What Are The Main Features Of Gift Boxes

January 04 , 2022

Gift packaging has a common "festival" element, then the expression of this element is displayed in the printing or finished product printing technology, from the text and tones. According to the structural characteristics of the finished product, gift packaging cartons can be roughly divided into two types: one is folding cartons, that is, the finished product can be folded and pressed; the other is fixed cartons, that is, the finished carton cannot be folded and pressed. Among them, folding cartons are widely used because they occupy a small space and are easy to transport. The shape of gift packaging boxes is also not fixed, mainly in the market box shape shown by individual customization and different customization needs. This kind of box type is generally privately customized and will not be sold in batches. From the design itself, creating personalized gift packaging is also an element of art.

Bulk gift packaging pays attention to popularization and universalization, which mainly reflects the human culture of gift giving, while branded gift packaging also has the characteristics of brand promotion and unique personality. While promoting consumers' desire to buy, it also satisfies consumers' uneasy concerns. This is a major manifestation of brand effect.

The use of gift elements is shaped in accordance with market demand. Domestic gift packaging tends to be more and more high-end and unique box-shaped, but because of the high price and the incessant hesitation of merchants, a variety of quality gift packaging that can't cut corners has been derived , Even the appearance of the box is not good or bad. The packaging industry is also facing the impact of terms such as cost performance and low quality.