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What are the advantages of a portable paper bag

January 05 , 2022

Portable paper bag is already an indispensable way of media in the market, and many enterprises want to become their own way of marketing. Portable bag is a simple bag, made of materials such as paper, plastic, non-woven industrial cardboard and so on. It is usually used for manufacturers to display products and also for gifts; Also a lot of fashionable avant-garde westerners will use the handbag to do bag products, can be matched with other dress up, so more and more by young people love. Tote bags are also known as arm-in-hand bags, handbags, etc.

Let's learn the advantages of Portable Paper Bag:

Soundness: We all know that the general traditional plastic shopping bags are easy to break. To make them more strong, it is necessary to increase the production cost. Portable paper bag is a good solution to this problem, because of its strong toughness, wear resistance, more firm and durable, more high-end portable paper bag in addition to the durability, but also with waterproof, good hand feel, beautiful appearance and other characteristics. The price is more expensive than the traditional plastic bags, but its value is far more than plastic bags.

Advertising Effect: Have advertising effect is one of the features of non-woven shopping bags, carrier bags printing color is more bright, its theme expressed by the more clear, and its strong and durable, it is "mobile advertising bags," for the enterprise to bring the propaganda effect is much bigger than traditional plastic bags, high-grade carrier bags but also highlights the potential of the atmosphere of the company.

Environmental: Portable paper bag toughness, wear-resistant and durable, and environmental protection, will not cause damage to the environment, greatly reduce the pressure of human life waste conversion. Modern people's awareness of environmental protection is increasingly strong, the use of portable paper bags only increase, is a good choice for people shopping.


Economical:Consumers may also have the misconception that Portable paper bags look more high-end and fashionable, and they must be more expensive than plastic bags, so they are reluctant to use them. In fact, compared with plastic bags, hand-held paper bags are more economical and cheaper. Why? Because plastic bags can only be used once, they can be used for a very limited number of times, while shopping hand paper bags can be used repeatedly, and Portable paper bags are easier to print patterns and express colors more vividly. In this way, it seems that the portable paper bag is more economical, and the effect of its publicity and promotion is more obvious.