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Types Of Corrugated Boxes

January 04 , 2022

There are many types of corrugated cartons, which can be roughly divided into three categories according to their structure.


1. Slotted carton (02 type)

Slotted cartons are the most basic type of box in transportation packaging and are currently the most widely used type of carton. They are made up of one or several pieces of processed corrugated cardboard, which are combined by stapling or gluing methods. Its bottom and upper folding piece (upper and lower shaking cover) constitute the bottom and cover of the box. These cartons can be folded flat for transportation and storage, and have the advantages of small size, easy to use, sealing and dustproof, neat and tidy inside and outside.


2. Set box type carton (03 type)

Set box type carton is composed of one or several pieces of corrugated cardboard, which is characterized by separate box body and lid, and is used to set together. The characteristics of this type of carton is convenient for boxing and sealing, the goods are not easy to fall off after loading, and the overall strength of the carton is higher than that of slotted carton. The disadvantage is that the set of closed box molding enough volume, transportation, storage is not convenient.


3. Folding carton (04 type)

Folding type carton, also called shaped type carton, usually consists of a piece of corrugated cardboard, which is folded to form the low, side and cover of the carton without nailing and gluing.


Corrugated box Accessories

In order to pack goods in transit without receiving damage, according to the characteristics and requirements of different goods, it is necessary to design a reasonable structure of accessories to play a role in protecting the goods. The most basic carton accessories are as follows.


A. partition: used for bottles of fragile and perishable goods packaging, will be separated from each item in the box to prevent shaking, collision.


B. liner: there are basically three types of liner, one is the full liner, used for multi-layer stacking in the box for the role of layered isolation. The second is the bridge liner, is used in the carton shaking the cover of the cage, gasket gaps with. The third is the liner ring, in order to improve the compressive strength of the carton and protect the goods, in the four sides of the carton are surrounded by the liner.


C. Liner: According to the different shapes and weak parts of the goods, various liners are designed to fix the goods and ensure that the goods do not move in the process of transportation, and at the same time have the role of cushioning.


Advantages of corrugated box

Corrugated box is a paper packaging container made of corrugated cardboard, which has many advantages.


1. Light weight and good structural properties. The corrugated structure inside is similar to an arch structure, which can play a role in shock absorption and has good mechanical properties, and make it still in high rigidity when produced as cardboard boxes with window.


2. the packaging object has the need for good protection functions, such as moisture, heat, easy to handle.


3. low transportation costs, and easy to achieve the mechanization and production of packaging and transportation.


4. The change of specification and size is easy to realize, and it can be quickly applied to the packaging of various items. For example, there are cardboard boxes with window especially suitable for goods needing ventilation.


5. Sealing and binding are convenient and easy to automate the work.


6. can adapt to various types of carton decoration printing, can be a good solution to the problem of commodity protection and promotion.


7. The waste box is easy to recycle and meet the requirements of environmental protection.


8. Cardboard boxes with window can be combined with various coverings and moisture-proof materials, and greatly expand its use range.