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The Use And Advantages And Disadvantages Of Kraft Paper Bag Packaging

January 04 , 2022

Kraft Paper Bag in the green environment is more and more frequently mentioned in the packaging industry, and it is increasingly used in the market. In ordinary life, kraft paper material packaging can be seen everywhere, such as street vendors selling hand pies, supermarkets in the melon bag, nut bags, etc.

With the "anti-plastic" wind prevails today, Kraft Paper Bag is more and more favoured in industries and enterprises, and it begins to replace plastic bags, shopping bags, etc., for packaging products has the advantages general soft plastic bags do not have.

Kraft Paper Bag of environmental performance is the key to its widespread use. In the increasingly green focus on the packaging industry, although there are many soft plastic packaging materials like five toxic, tasteless, kraft paper attains the advantages of non-polluting, recyclable.

In addition to the environmental performance of Kraft Paper Bag, its printing performance and processing performance is also very excellent. It includes white kraft paper bags and yellow kraft paper bags, which do not need full-page printing, and the use of simple lines in printing can outline the beauty of the product pattern, and its packaging effect is better than ordinary plastic bags. Good printing performance greatly reduces the cost of printing kraft paper bags, as well as the cycle of packaging production. The processing performance of kraft paper bags, such as cushioning performance, anti-drop performance, stiffness, etc., have good mechanical properties, and is easy to composite processing.

It can be said that Kraft Paper Bag has gradually become a local specialty snacks, a variety of snacks, snack foods, general packaging, by focusing on green industries, enterprises love, and kraft paper bags of good texture and can also do publicity for enterprise products, enhance the corporate brand image.