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The material of gift box packaging

January 05 , 2022

Gift Packaging Box in the packaging design, printing and design is different from the general commodity packaging, not only in the modeling and printing have unique requirements, and the printing material is also a variety of, we put the common packaging in the market into the following four categories:

First, carton packaging is one of the present stage of our common gift packaging, affordable, simple process, printing style and favored by businesses. Common carton packaging products are dry goods, light, lightweight gifts, such as notebooks, pens, gift certificates, cosmetics and other types of gifts are mainly carton packaging.

Second, metal packaging. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection at this stage, there are fewer and fewer metal packaging gift boxes on the market. The metal packaging mainly has better sealing performance, which not only protects the integrity of the product, but also ensures that the product is moisture-proof and waterproof, and is not prone to damage. Our common metal packaging products include tea, health care products, powdered food and so on.

Third,PVC packing is our common hard plastic, usually in a transparent or translucent packaging is given priority to, although Shanghai plastic limit now, but the packaging of the style is very common, because can clearly see the packing box products, more affordable than acrylic boxes, are favored by merchants, are generally packing style good-looking, affordable products, Our common PVC packaging products wild food, nuts dried goods, high-grade cosmetics, flowers and other products.

Fourth, plastic bag packaging is the most used product packaging in the market, product specifications, easy to use, cheap, convenient packaging and printing, trusted by the majority of consumers. It is also because of these characteristics of plastic packaging, so used for craft gift packaging is not seen. Our common plastic packaging includes: dry snacks, fruit preserves, meat pickles, special snacks and other products.

In fact, whether it is carton packaging or plastic packaging, as long as the design of the packaging style has characteristics, you can show a different mind and blessing.