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Portable Zentimo xStorage Manager 2.1

April 14 , 2023

Free download of Zentimo xstorage Manager for transportable devices

Download the most recent online version of Portable Zentimo xstorage Manager 2. 1 for Skylights 32-bit and 64-bit. A potent program for managing the service of detachable storage computers is Zentimo xstorage Manager 2. 1.

Review of the Zentimo xstorage Manager 2. 1

a qualified program for handling detachable store systems. Choosing the typical Windows device, no one wants to detach the hardware product. Zentimo xstorage Manager 2.1 offers a dependable resolution that is effectively handle all Windows Service connection-related steps. When users are about to disconnect the Usb reminiscence, a experienced application guarantees the security and integrity of the data.

With just one tap, it offers a highly usable ecosystem for connecting disconnected products. Additionally, it offers support for Sata, Usb, and firewire treatment. The simple procedures are made possible by the hotkeys assistance. Truecrypt is a potent solution for managing removable storage computers because of its perfect connection with it and many other methods.

Features of Zentimo xstorage Coach 2. 1 Modular

Zentimo xstorage Manager 2.1 has the following benefits:

  • treat movable store items
  • moveable software that doesn't require installation
  • Reuniting store computers that are not connected
  • Sustain for hotkeys and hasty actions
  • endorses Fireware, Sata, and Usb systems.
  • concealing the unutilized equipment
  • Truecrypt closing is fully coordinated.
  • implementation that is straightforward and simple to used
  • a multilingual setting with many potent functions

Technical Information for Zentimo xstorage Manager 2?

Before copying Zentimo xstorage Manager, read the tech specifications.

  • Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / Xp compatibility
  • 20 Gb free Usb
  • Minimum 1 Gb of ram is needed.
  • Intel Pentium 4 or afterwards is the required chipset.

Completely update of Zentimo xstorage Manager 2. 1

The most recent internet installation of Zentimo xstorage Manager 2. 1 for Windows 8 and 64 architecture is available by clicking the link above.