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Portable GoldenDict 1.0.1 Rev. 2 Free Download

April 15 , 2023

Goldendict Portable 1.0.1 Rev. 2 - Free Access

Update Goldendict 1.0.1 Rev. in its solo, transportable form. 2 for Panels 64-bit and 32-bit. Goldendict 1.0.1 Rev multifunction 2 is a potent vocabulary that uses Wikipedia and various platforms to define text.

Goldendict Portable 1.0.1 Rev. Review two

Therefore, everyone needs a lexicon. Goldendict 1.0.1 Rev. is the more potent dictionary you need if you want to collect data from numerous sources. The most dependable application uses various sources to thoroughly discuss each syllable. There are no leftovers or register signs in this moveable vocabulary. On a portable storage device, you may transport it wherever you go. For exploring, Goldendict needs an computer service. It effectively manages numerous sources and provides sustain for various design substances and illustrations.

Additionally, it can learn meanings in a variety of language, including French, European, Spanish, English, and others. It already has Google English Collins, Wikipedia English, and Urban Dictionary. Additionally, you can compel many suppliers from the opportunities and add shape definitions. Without any technical knowledge, you can find the definitions of every syllable on this dictionary's's very tidy and clean user software. Overall, it ranks among the best and most thorough dictionaries available.

Foldable Goldendict 1.0.1 Dr functions 2.

The majority of Goldendict 1.0.1's functions are as follows:

  • portable and lightweight dictionary
  • guidance for numerous dialects
  • definition queries from various online sources
  • support for paintings and model things
  • Uncomplicated, slick user software
  • includes Google Collins, Urban Dictionary, and Wikipedia.
  • multi-tab design with a full investigation chronicle
  • Trade the definitions as Html files.
  • additional sophisticated benefits

Technical Information for Portable Goldendict 1.01 Rev. 2,

Examine the Goldendict 1.0.1 Portable Rev's's technical specifications. before copying it, 2.

  • All Skylights discharges are consistent.
  • 19 Kb in folder measurement
  • 128 Mb of ram are needed.
  • Simple core chipset is required.
  • Pages engineer

Goldendict 1.0.1 Rev. Portable 2 - Independent Download

Goldendict 1.0.1 Rev's's independent, moveable remake can be downloaded by clicking the button above. Windows version 2. It works with both the x64 and xx86 architectures. It is a potent multicultural vocabulary that offers thorough information from numerous online resources.