• Printed Design Disposable Eco White Kraft Paper Box For Pizza

    Printed Design Disposable Eco White Kraft Paper Box For Pizza

    Product Introduction Wholesale custom printed design disposable eco white kraft paper box for pizza is favored by the fast food industry because of its hygienic, safe and recyclable. More and more food packaging has begun to use kraft paper pac...

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  • 2021 Recycled OEM Take Away Corrugated Kraft Paper Pizza Packing Box

    2021 Recycled OEM Take Away Corrugated Kraft Paper Pizza Packing Box

    Product Introduction 2021 Recycled OEM take away corrugated kraft paper pizza packing box,we produce all kinds of boxes, like paper packaging box, gift box, cosmetic box, foldable box, round box, leather box, perfume box wine box, watch box, fl...

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  • Round Pink Flower Boxes

    Round Pink Flower Boxes

    Overview Packaging can prevent physical damage such as vibration, crushing, impact and wear, as well as various chemical reactions and other forms of accidents. Reasonable packaging has the functions of shock resistance, compression resistance,...

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  • Coffee Paper Tube Packaging

    Coffee Paper Tube Packaging

    1.   Product Introduction Paper tube packaging is being used for premium products. Sophisticated and products like premium tea, coffee, cosmetics, etc. are using paper tube packaging. Brands are using simple typography and colors on the packagi...

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  • Double Layer Drawer Mooncake Gift Box

    Double Layer Drawer Mooncake Gift Box

    Product Introduction Double Layer Drawer Mooncake Gift Box blue and pink color printing and gold hot stamping design; Gift box Mooncake /chocolate/ candy packaging boxes with drawer sliding design on bottom layer ; Custom cardboard Paper boxes ...

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  • Nut Packaging Box With Handle

    Nut Packaging Box With Handle

    Food items require careful storage as any defected packaging can harm the food quality. It is therefore mandatory for food industry to opt for specialized packaging companies that ensure quality packaging to sustain the food stored inside. The pac...

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  • Cookie Box With Dividers

    Cookie Box With Dividers

    1.   Product Introduction 100% Food grade paper, this material is especially used in food industry. Cookie paper boxes with paper dividers and lids. Place your cookies, desserts, snacks, brownies, muffins, Candy or small cakes in these boxes to...

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  • Fresh Fruit Gable Boxes

    Fresh Fruit Gable Boxes

    These fresh fruit gable boxes are made from extra durable corrugated paper to hold various treats without tearing. Designed with eco-friendly biodegradable paperboard, these boxes make a safe choice for your guests and mother nature. Fresh frui...

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  • Dry Fruit Packaging Box

    Dry Fruit Packaging Box

    1.   Product Introduction Food chains are very sensitive about their brand and their boxes.It’s not only a food craze but has turned into way to gain extra energy these days. You can’t afford to ignore colorful and attractive paper boxes. Every...

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  • Polygon Cookie Paper Box

    Polygon Cookie Paper Box

    1.   Product Introduction The design of the box is heaven and earth style.The style is easy to open and fit together.Generous and simple style. We use an imported press,fully control the season and quality of printing. Imported environmental in...

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  • Large Snack Packaging Box

    Large Snack Packaging Box

    Product Introduction High-quality cardboard, strong hardness, anti-extrusion, anti-beating, not easy to deform, can be reused, health and environmental protection. Ribbon design on both sides for easy handling. Large Snack Packaging Box ...

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  • Christmas Snack Packaging Boxes

    Christmas Snack Packaging Boxes

    Product Introduction These Christmas snack packaging boxes are made with High-Quality Paper. These snack packaging boxes with Lids are reusable and Eco-Friendly Materials. These Christmas snack packaging boxes are perfect for Christmas G...

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