• Heaven And Earth Cover Gift Box

    Heaven And Earth Cover Gift Box

    Gift box is a practical gift packaging which is mainly designed to express the affection of relatives and friends. It is a functional extension of the social needs of the packaging method. Packaging design gift box, in line with the market dema...

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  • Orange Cardboard Boxes

    Orange Cardboard Boxes

    1.   Product Introduction The orange cardboard boxes selected high-quality 1400g thick cardboard, good hardness, elasticity, strong bearing capacity, good stability, wear resistance, and not easy to collapse. The bronzing ribbon bow has the cha...

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  • Kraft Paper Gift Box

    Kraft Paper Gift Box

    Custom different size and color high-quality and eco-friendly kraft paper gift boxes wit dried flowers. If you decorate your Kraft paper gift boxes with dried flowers can definitely enhance the beauty of the dull box, and people love the beautiful...

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  • Pink Dress Packaging Boxes

    Pink Dress Packaging Boxes

    Among the many types of clothing packaging, you can choose cardboard packaging, corrugated packaging or handmade boxes packaging. We recommend 1200g gray board as a cardboard boxes for raw materials. The packaging is sturdy, beautiful, and of high...

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  • Water Bottle Cardboard Gift Box

    Water Bottle Cardboard Gift Box

    1.   Product Introduction Lux Paper Box is a company that specializes in putting together a really awesome box for gifting. Whether it's for a an occasion, a birthday, a wedding, a teacher, or for a special someone. 2.Production details ...

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  • Tropical Leaf Paper Gift Boxes

    Tropical Leaf Paper Gift Boxes

    Tropical Palm leaf Gift Boxes are a cute tropical themed gift fo your bridesmaids and maid of honor - use them as favors for your bachelorette party too!  Fill with custom weding dress candy, chocalate, makeup,candle, lip balms, sunglasses and mor...

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  • Cute Christmas Gift Boxes

    Cute Christmas Gift Boxes

    Make your Christmas memorable and striking by choosing Christmas packaging boxes from Packaging forest. These special Christmas boxes are perfect for your Christmas gift. If you want to celebrate an unforgettable Christmas Eve, choose our special ...

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  • Girl Birthday Gift Box

    Girl Birthday Gift Box

    The girl birthday gift box is different from other boxes. Our gift box includes lovely rabbit doll decorations,shredded tissue paper, clear pvc lid,pretty colorful ribbon and a handwritten greeting card. You don't have to assemble the box by yours...

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  • Valentine's Day Gift Boxes

    Valentine's Day Gift Boxes

    Simply fill your valentine's day gift boxes with crinkle paper, add all of your gifts ,the great thing is that the gifts can be whatever you like,like chocolate, perfume, soap,makeup, jewelry, flower,and finish with a pretty little ribbon and a ha...

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  • White Marble Gift Box

    White Marble Gift Box

    A stylish lidded rectangle shaped cardboard white marble gift box in marble effect for you to store your jewellery, bits and bobs, watches, or anything else that needs tidying away or gifting it to someone else. The removable lid makes keeping ...

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  • Wallet Marble Packaging Box With Bag

    Wallet Marble Packaging Box With Bag

    People love wallets. Everyone needs a wallet. These wallet marble packaging box with bag are not much bulky. We crafted them in a slick and delicate attire with crystal cut foaming. Simultaneously, we complemented them with reinforced durability. ...

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  • Jewelry Gift Box Set

    Jewelry Gift Box Set

    The Jewelry Gift Box Set of jewelry ring boxes features a decorative textured paper design with a synthetic leather bow knot on the lid. They are suitable for a wide range of gifting occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine's Day. ...

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