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Means To Complete The Visual And Tactile Import Box Plan

January 04 , 2022

(1) In the planning of commodity packaging boxes, the real materials and textures are applied to the packaging materials, like tea packaging boxes, directly using bamboo, wood or ceramics to plan tea packaging boxes. This kind of method is also the most widely used method at present, and it is also more traditional method.

(2) Adopt the method of imitation, use other general packaging materials, such as paper, plastic, glass, etc. to imitate the product characteristics or a certain necessary texture of the material to achieve the result of visual touch and real touch, and create through such a plan The visual conveyance of commodity news useful to consumers.

(3) Using three-dimensional printing skills to imitate a certain texture and visual result, the visual and tactile perspective can also be introduced into the package plan. In the final vision, the consumer can obtain the basic perception of the product through the visual transmission of the packaging box, thereby decisively purchasing this product. For example, a carton packaging box of a box of candy is printed on the texture of the cloth pattern. The visual and tactile results it conveys are more gentle and warm, reaching the expected result that the packaging box needs affinity. But it is different from the latter two methods. It only has the sense of sight and touch, while the latter two have not only the sense of sight and touch, but also the sense of real touch.