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Manufacturing process of dairy packaging box

January 05 , 2022

Boxed milk is a large variety of fresh milk packaging, and almost all liquid milks with various preservation methods have boxed milk. What is the production process of this kind of packaging? What are the requirements for this kind of packaging for liquid milk? This article will briefly introduce the packaging materials, hygiene requirements and freshness, printing and packaging and packaging recycling.

Packaging Materials

The packaging box of liquid milk is made of composite materials. A typical composite material is composed of the following 4 materials or several of them.

Polyethylene (hereinafter referred to as PE)-sealing layer, plays the role of blocking moisture and bacteria;

Cardboard-used to improve the rigidity and strength of the box, and has the effect of preventing light;

Aluminum foil-has excellent oxygen barrier and light-proof performance;

EVOH high-efficiency barrier layer-a substitute for aluminum foil, is also used to block oxygen and protect from light.

Hygiene requirements and preservation

Depending on the shelf life of fresh milk, the box-making materials used are different. The short-term fresh-keeping milk packaging box that requires refrigeration has a relatively simple structure, usually using PE/cardboard/PE composite material; the aseptic milk packaging box used for long-term storage in a normal temperature environment has a material structure of PE/cardboard/adhesive layer /Aluminum foil/adhesive layer/PE, or PE/paperboard/EVOH/adhesive layer/PE composite material.