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Kraft Paper Gift Box Design Considerations

January 04 , 2022

Market Research

1. research on the product, you need to consider whether there are sets of sales needs, because the nature of different products are different, so sometimes need to design a separate integrated packaging tape, such as kraft paper gift box.

2. Investigate what advantages the product itself has, what are the advantages that are more different from other products in the market, what are the unique advantages that need to be displayed in our packaging design is.

3. Today's market competition is fierce, many products will play the gift card, if the product gift does not match and requirements can be given away through a separate gift, the gift of packaging design is also required to design in advance, you can communicate with the product business.

4. Whether it is a large product or a small commodity large packaging, are involved in the issue of transportation, how specific can be placed, can be placed on several levels, etc. need to investigate clearly for packaging design is used as a reference.


Kraft paper gift box pattern design

1. the design of packaging patterns, the need for professional design, so that the pattern is rich in design language, but the designer should also be appropriate to pick out the design thinking, with a worldly perspective to examine the pattern, do not appear to design a pattern with bad ambiguity and lead to design failure.

2. kraft paper gift box pattern design to consider, whether the sales area of the product has a customary precautions, for some patterns are more taboo, we need to avoid such patterns appear on the packaging.

3. the packaging pattern does not allow the flag, the national emblem pattern, because according to the advertising law, these patterns are prohibited in the, advertising, packaging patterns are also a kind of advertising.

4. different products because of different origins can also be, as the characteristics of product packaging to show, because the origin of different products have more obvious product quality pointers, so product packaging using origin patterns to design will be conducive to the quality of the product.


Kraft paper gift box color design

1. according to the study of color is also a sense of weight, if the product has the use of product packaging color to do product quality related information transfer, you can use the color weight this characteristic to design.

2. the interval color, generally longer used in the packaging main color and auxiliary color straight between the role of the interval, generally based on pure color, as a distinction between the color of pure in, usually using black, 100, gray, gold, silver-based.

3. in the design of packaging color selection, for the enterprise vi color can also be added to the product packaging color appropriately, so that the product and the enterprise from the color of the connection between the brand for the establishment of the enterprise to prepare.

4. Whenever large activities, sports events will be held some activities of the theme color, if the product can be combined with it, you can use the activity theme color to do limited models for promotion.