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Is there anything to pay attention to the font design on the box?

January 05 , 2022

Packaging box design involves many elements. The shape, color, pattern, and font cannot be ignored. In particular, the font design can have a more eye-catching look. What aspects should be paid attention to in the font of the packaging box design?

Meet the overall design of the box:

The font design of the packaging box cannot be one-sided design from the font aspect, but as the overall design of the box is completed, the font type, size, structure, performance skills and artistic style should obey the overall design, and strengthen the unity and harmony of the overall effect of the text and the product box , Can not highlight the text unilaterally. In addition, the artistic image of the text should not only be infectious, but also cause association, so that this association can be coordinated with the form and content of the product and produce a unified aesthetic.

Strong visual appeal:

The font design should be arranged up and down and typed in. The layout should be beautiful and compact, densely packed, fresh and variable spacing, type size, weight and weight, with a certain degree of artistry, and beautify the composition. Taking into account the consumer's attention to the product box, the readability of fonts cannot be ignored. The readability of fonts includes the visibility of the text and reading efficiency, and strive to highlight the decorative function in the visibility of the text.

Be concise and avoid clutter:

The font type and arrangement of the packaging box design should not be excessive and complicated. The box may need several fonts, maybe Chinese and foreign characters, the combination of general fonts should be limited to three, too many combinations will destroy the sense of unity of the overall design and appear cumbersome and messy. Font arrangement is an important aspect of composition, and the variety of arrangement can make the composition novel and diverse. Diversified arrangements should be subordinate to the whole, and the words, trademarks, patterns, etc. should be coordinated with each other, so that they are elegant and appreciated together, which is in line with novelty and popular habits.