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Introduction to the post-press process of leather box packaging

January 05 , 2022

In today's material desires, product packaging has become a powerful weapon to attract consumers. As the most high-end, most elegant, and most sophisticated packaging, leather box packaging can greatly enhance the added value of products, so it is favored by some jewelry, jewellery, wine and other industries. The shape and structure of the leather box are diverse, including rectangular, square, polygonal, special-shaped leather box, and cylindrical shape. The manufacturing process is basically the same, that is, design style-select material-cut material-make template-process-connect into a box.

Here are several common post-printing processes for leather boxes:

bronzing process:

Hot stamping, also known as hot stamping, is a process of heating a metal printing plate, applying foil, and embossing golden characters or patterns on the printed matter. There are many kinds of bronzing paper materials, including golden, silver, laser gold, laser silver, black, red, green and so on.

The hot stamping process has clear and beautiful patterns, bright and eye-catching colors, abrasion resistance and weather resistance. It can play the role of finishing touch and highlighting the design theme, especially for trademarks and registered names, the effect is more significant.

Metal OEM process:

is currently the most luxurious and high-end decorative sign in the world. Generally, the product can be customized with non-metallic materials, with diversified styles and colors.

The application of metal patch helps to improve the appearance and product quality of the leather box. It is of great significance to open the market and increase brand awareness. It makes the products have a very unique effect and brings new opportunities for enterprises to add value.