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Introduction of several linings for gift boxes

January 05 , 2022

In gift box customization, gift box customization is a very important one and the most versatile one. When customizing a gift box, we must first consider the material selection and style of the packaging box, and seldom consider the lining of the gift box.

For packaging boxes, how to choose the right lining is actually a very important link, and its choice will directly affect the grade of the entire box.

It is normal for customers not to understand the materials and use of these linings, but as a professional packaging customization company, we need to be familiar with the pros and cons of different material linings and recommend them when appropriate. Next, let us give a general introduction to the lining of common gift boxes:

Cardboard or corrugated lining: Most of our common gift boxes are paper, and paper lining can achieve uniform style. Cardboard and corrugated paper have low cost, environmentally friendly materials, and convenient processing, which are very popular with businesses. At the same time, the paper lining is easy to shape, and has good cushioning properties, which can protect and support the entire article during transportation. Paper lining is often used in electronic product packaging and wine packaging.

Plastic lining: I believe you are no stranger to plastic lining. Plastic lining is often used in food packaging, such as moon cake gift packaging. Plastic lining, although not soft or environmentally friendly, does make one of the most used lining materials. The plastic lining is stable, anti-extrusion, not easy to deform, and cheap. When used, it is often matched with silk cloth, which has a good luster and can increase the texture of the whole gift box. Linings of different materials have different advantages.

Sponge lining: Sponge lining is suitable for high-end product packaging and can play a buffering and damping effect. The sponge lining also has environmentally friendly sponge lining, anti-static sponge lining and fireproof sponge lining. Among them, the anti-static sponge lining is electronic products and chips, which can protect the products from static electricity. Sponge is low cost and easy to process. It is one of the most popular lining materials in enterprises.