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In which aspects are the quality of packaging boxes affecting sales?

January 05 , 2022

According to the survey of packaging box manufacturers, many people not only look at the quality of the product when buying products, but also pay attention to whether the box is exquisite and high-end. Especially when giving gifts, high-end boxes will look more face. Therefore, the quality of the packaging box will affect the sales of the product, which is mainly reflected in four aspects.

1. The quality of the product is good or bad, and consumers' first feeling is first reflected in the packaging. One is exquisite, and the other is a detailed description of the product itself, which does not respect the knowledge of consumers. Another point is that the packaging specifications required by the state are not reflected. Otherwise, it cannot be marketed, and even if it is listed, the product will have an impact.

2. Channel. What kind of sales channel does your product bring to the market, and accordingly, your packaging box should be suitable for the requirements of the channel.

3. Promotion. What kind of promotion means your packaging is suitable, and different packaging will produce completely different effects in future promotions. For example: exquisiteness, product packaging capabilities, etc. Therefore, before designing product packaging boxes, we must consider the impact of future promotions.

4. Price. Product positioning is determined by your packaging positioning. The same product, different packaging, represents different price positioning.