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Importance of gift box service

January 05 , 2022

The production and development of gift packaging boxes are worthy of our thinking: and we also deserve to pay attention to the service. Nowadays, the effect of packaging has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In addition to protecting products and facilitating transportation, packaging can also shape the brand.

Let packaging become a brand

In fact, the packaging of each product for packaging users, as its packaging supplier, is equivalent to undertaking a name. Packaging suppliers must first grasp the shape, size, weight, fragility, storage and transportation requirements, distribution keys, and sales tools of such products, and then plan the layout, materials and production processes of packaging, and then place them in accordance with the production rhythm of the packaging users’ products Production and distribution of packaging. It is conceivable that a product that provides a good packaging user is so complicated. The packaging of multiple industries, multiple packaging users, and multiple products is gathered in a single enterprise in the packaging industry, and the needs of such a luxuriant Gathered in a packaging industry, which other industry can be more complicated than the packaging industry?

The packaging industry has a distinctive feature that distinguishes it from other industries-it does not have its own stereotyped products. Companies in the packaging industry are different from those that face the consumer market, and they have stereotyped products for consumption to sell; they are also different from upstream suppliers in a certain property chain, who can sell stereotyped spare parts to despicable companies. The users of packaging companies are neither consumers nor companies on a particular property chain, but manufacturers from all walks of life, producing a variety of products, and having strange needs for packaging (ie packaging users) ). The diversity of the products that these packaging users need to package, and even the diversity of goods sold in any supermarket. Packaging suppliers do not probably use one or several types of products to package different products for different packaging users. Therefore, the packaging industry is an industry supporting various industries, and it is probably an industry with the weakest "autonomy".