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How to save costs for corrugated packaging boxes

January 05 , 2022

How corrugated packaging companies explore external stamina and control production costs directly affect the company's profit and loss. As the view of accurate production management becomes more popular and the cost pressure is increasing, some corrugated packaging factories are increasingly paying attention to the impact of corrugated roll parameters on production costs.

The amount of paper consumed and the amount of paste eaten by the corrugated roller directly affects the production cost of the enterprise. For the corrugated packaging company, the cost of paper and glue accounts for 80% of the total cost, and the paper consumption rate and the amount of paste eaten The amount is determined by the flute type parameters of the corrugated roll.

The requirements of the national standard for the height and number of corrugated rolls are as follows:

Cost comparison after choosing different corrugated parameters

For example, the B-flute corrugated roller used by a company has a tooth height of 2.8, the number of teeth is 46.57/300, and the shrinkage rate is 1.39. If the B-flute corrugated roller is changed from 0.3 to 2.5, the number of teeth is reduced by 2. To become 44.57/300 sisters, if possible, to save a lot of capital.

Reducing the cost of cutting the number of flutes The number of flutes refers to the number of flutes per 300 mm on the national scale.

The denser the flute number, the higher the paper consumption, and vice versa. Of course, the denser the flute number, the flatter the cardboard and the stronger the compressive ability. The following table reflects the impact of Lenggao on paper consumption under certain circumstances.