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How To Design The Perfect Lipstick Box

January 04 , 2022

Firstly: Style

The first thing you need to consider is the mood and personality you want to bring to your packaging. Do you want to enjoy the minimalist style in your design? Or do you want to be more overdone and stylized?

Knowing what style you want to adopt will help guide the rest of your lipstick box design and ensure that you make packaging decisions that are consistent with your overall design goals.

Locking in your style can also help you identify any other design elements you need to consider. Do you want a pop art feel? Then, you may need to complete some illustrations to guide the design process. Do you include natural elements in your natural cosmetics brands? Then maybe you'll want to add some nature photography to your packaging. The point is, when you know your style, you know what design elements are needed to encounter that style in your lipstick box gift packaging.

Secondly: Color

When choosing colors for lipstick box, you need to choose colors that match your brand personality, attract customers' attention, and stand out from the competition. This last point is especially important in the competitive world of beauty and cosmetics.

Consider choosing your favorite brand color palette, just as you would a must-have eye shadow palette for the season; You want to maintain your brand while maintaining a competitive advantage. So, for example, pink is a popular color in the beauty and cosmetics field.It's fun, feminine, and it happens to be the color that's used extensively in all the shiny makeup on our faces. But if you use pink as your packaging color, it may be hard to get customers' attention because the shelves of every cosmetics store are already a sea of pink.

If you want your brand to be equally successful, you need to do the same, finding a brand palette that can not only jump on the shelf, but can instantly become synonymous with your brand.


Thirdly: Fonts Designed

As with color, you want to select a unique lipstick box product on the brand and recognize it immediately when the customer scans the shelf.

Modern business competition is fierce, so many brands of lipstick packaging boxes in the consumer market, a variety of similar commodities, so that people can't take it all in their eyes. They rely on their own characteristics of packaging to win the attention of consumers, through exquisite modeling, clear trademark, exquisite text, color harmonious packaging style, for their own brand endorsement, enhance the competitiveness of the market.