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How To Design A Cookie Box

January 04 , 2022

Biscuits are a very common kind of snacks, I believe that most people have eaten, and the brand of cookies, as well as the type are very many, this kind of food competition is also relatively fierce. To create a successful biscuit product, surely cannot leave the subtle packaging design. So how do you design the cookie box?

The design of the biscuit box needs to determine the box type, including the size of the box, as well as the specific structure and so on. It is very important to consider the practicality of the box type, as well as the beauty of the box type.

Generally speaking, the product packaging needs to have a distinct theme, and the design of the biscuit box is no exception. Only a distinct theme can make the product more attractive and effectively improve the recognition of the product.

A biscuit box is good-looking, and the pattern on the box has a direct relationship, design patterns should be combined with the characteristics of the product, such as taste and other aspects, but also reflect the creative and visual beauty.