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How To Choose The Right Red Wine Gift Box

January 04 , 2022

The festival customs in our circle are still relatively heavy, and gift giving has become a common thing. The entertainment is usually red wine. Many red wine importers are also looking for suitable packaging boxes for their wines, but they are more reflected in the style and price. After all, the imported red wines are relatively tall and high-end, and they also need relatively high-end wine boxes to match and set off. Hangzhou Hengtai Packaging Products Co., Ltd. (http://www.china-hzht.com) will introduce you to the new year. How to choose the right wine gift box for festive gifts.

一: The material of the box

1. Red wine leather boxes are now more popular among distributors of medium red wines, mainly for appearance. There are hundreds of choices when designing styles. The LOGO process mainly includes bronzing, embossing, signs, leather carving, etc.

2. The common materials in the red wine box market are pine and paulownia. The characteristics of pine wood: the light and soft pine wood has a bright and warm natural color, fine wood grain spacing, and neat curves. All pine wood has no artificial pruning after it is finished. It grows naturally, reveals naturally, and returns to the original. The shape is simple and generous, and the lines are full and smooth. The characteristics of paulownia: lighter texture, coarser wood grain, not easy to deform. The price is cheaper than pine.

3. In terms of structure, the red wine carton should give full play to the characteristics of the product in terms of the functions and characteristics of the product. The shape language should be used to express the characteristics of the product and the beauty of the packaging. In fact, the red wine carton structure is not only to make a three-dimensional rendering of a box, it also involves the technological links of the production process, including the plane structure of the red wine carton, knife mold making, box gluing, etc. These links should be Consider it well when designing. This requires the designer to have a considerable understanding of the structure of the carton so that the design can be put into production.