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How Do Designers Make Jewelry Boxes?

January 04 , 2022

1、Appearance design

Before making a jewelry box, you first have to design the look of the jewelry box, which requires the innovation and research spirit of the designer, but also to meet the real needs of girls for jewelry storage, inside and out to be exquisite. Most of our common jewelry boxes this year are minimalist in style, such as white marble jewelry box. The simplicity of the appearance and the color of the hardware accessories is also very delicate, such as this one, the simple appearance, with gold hardware accessories is very good, it also looks very classy. The interior is also to be beautiful and practical.

2、Functional design

A beautiful jewelry box should be both functional and decorative as well as protective, not only for storage, but also can be a very good decorative item. A beautiful jewelry box can not only store some rings and earrings like small jewelry, but also should be able to store bracelets and watches and other large objects. Think like a necklace pendant these large objects should also be able to be stored. Usually the simple color of the box can make the jewelry more elegant, like white marble jewelry box.

3、Selecting materials

After the design, is the selection of materials, want to make a high-grade jewelry box, the material chosen can not be sloppy, the material also needs to be carefully selected, like white marble jewelry box. Jewelry box is divided into three parts, the outside of the choice of high-quality pu leather production, in texture or appearance are great choice, and then the middle is made of solid wood, the pu leather paste on the solid wood this is a delicate handmade fine work, handmade is more fit fine. The interior is made of high quality leather velvet, leather velvet feel soft and delicate, placing jewelry is the most suitable, because it will not cause wear and tear on jewelry or scratches.

4、Production process

Usually high-quality jewelry boxes are handmade, because the pursuit of its exquisite fine, every detail is completed by senior craftsmen little by little, including the bonding part and grinding and polishing processes.