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Do you care about the color or the material of the magnet gift box?

January 05 , 2022

Many people are very concerned about the purity of gift box printing, which does not meet their own color requirements. But in fact, like the clamshell box and book box, they care more about the material, rather than the color.


So what is the need to pay special attention to the magnet gift boxes, first is to cover hidden well, as we all know, a lot of high-end gift box all in the pursuit, is smooth, flawless, but a lot of gift box structure are: framed within the paper and cardboard - magnet - pasting this structure form, the magnet is sandwiched between paper and board mounted, in theory will be hidden.But actually, it is very difficult to hide, because the post up and framed, magnet, bumps, is raised, so how to reduce these processes lead to visualization, approach has many, like increase the thickness of the pasting, thinning the thickness of the magnet, etc and some more bold idea, is can reduce the magnet detected.

But the two magnet works in gift boxes commonly used method is also not all cases, the thin magnet will also face other cases, the first magnet after thinning the first problem is the magnetic force is reduced, when magnetic force can not reduced after the big problem is the buckle of jar, but if use a special thin magnet and magnetic force is relatively strong, and may cause new problems, that is frequently opening and closing, the possible damages to the box body of the magnet, if long-term magnetic suction collision shattered or lead to the gap in the bubble will appear a problem, or scraping the broken pasting is the case, the comparable revealed the situation even worse.

So the magnet gift box test is the magnet this accessory in the use of high-grade gift box packaging is not reasonable, and the quality is not up to standard, and not now very people advocate that, only look at the color of the ordinary process these things, when the box is even a problem, then what's the meaning.