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Different Reasons For Custom Quotation Of Packaging Boxes

January 04 , 2022

There are differences in the overall cost of each box. I believe that every company will be very cautious when making boxes. Generally, customers will find a few custom packaging box manufacturers to consult the price and then make a judgment. There will definitely be differences in the price. Many manufacturers will quote prices without conscience. Today the gift box factory will explain to you the different reasons for the customized quotation of the packaging box.

Let Long Yuanchang Packaging to tell you the reasons for the different quotations. The customized price of the packaging box is determined by factors such as the material and craft box type. The main reason for the different quotations of most manufacturers is determined by these three points. Generally, customers give a box shape and approximate size and then ask for the price. The quotation staff of each company can only quote according to their own judgment, and the difference in price is mostly because the paper used for each quotation is different.

Some of it is because the craftsmanship judged by each company is different. For example, the textured box may be textured special paper, and some may be embossed with ordinary paper. The prices of the two are also different. There may also be differences in box type judgments. For example, one type of heaven and earth box is a heaven and earth box with an inner wall, and the other is a heaven and earth box without an inner wall. The price difference between the two types of boxes is very large.