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How To Improve The Quality Of Gift Box Production

December 22 , 2021

The reason why gift packaging boxes are used more in high-value products such as high-end gifts and health products is because of their exquisite appearance, clever structure, and good display and protection for the products. Thereby enhancing the added value of the product. So what special crafts are generally used in the process of making gift boxes?

1. The most common and commonly used process is the laminating process. The printing surface is covered with a light film, or a dumb film, which can strengthen the structure of the packaging, wear resistance, and can also be waterproof, which can increase the brightness of the packaging or reduce the brightness of the packaging paper. , See the picture below are some examples of Yizhengtang packaging production. Gloss film effect Dumb film effect

2. Hot stamping process. In order to improve the quality of packaging, the most frequently used hot stamping process is used in the production of gift boxes. Now there is basically no packaging and no hot stamping. Even the Apple mobile phone packaging box has a logo stamped. Hot stamping is to hot stamp the desired pattern with gold or silver foil on the surface of the printed matter to make it look like gold or silver. Hot laser gold effect Hot silver bright effect Hot bronze gold effect

3. Concave-convex process, sometimes in order to make the partial patterns or patterns embossed or inscribed in the gift box, it will use the convex process. The pictures and texts that have been hit will be presented in a form higher or lower than the paper surface, thus showing a good sense of three-dimensionality and layering. Gold card bump effect White cardboard bump effect

4. UV effect, some pictures and texts on the surface of many gift boxes have a bright feeling. Many customers ask me what the effect is. This is actually a silk-screen printing process. The purpose is to brighten the local lines or pictures and the bottom of the printing surface. The colors appear to be in contrast to obtain a good visual effect.