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Design Features Of Watch Boxes

January 04 , 2022

As everyone's concept of time is getting better and better, they pay more and more attention to the use of watches. When they buy watches, they pay more attention to whether the watch box with pillows can attract customers, and the function of packaging is to protect the goods, followed by beautifying the goods and conveying information. For modern consumers, the latter two functions are becoming more and more important, especially in today's rapidly developing market economy where consumers have a choice that they did not have before. Packaging design should highlight the information function and value function of the goods to make similar products stand out and attract consumers. In the case of watch boxes, a successful watch packaging design should not only be able to easily achieve the purpose of self-selling, but also reflect the principles of science, application, economy and aesthetics. These are the design features we find in various watch boxes:

1. Flip-top watch boxes.

Able to form a watch box with pillows by forming an intelligent flip cover design shape, the universal method is with Chinese hardware buckle, which mainly includes hinge buckle, spring buckle, seven word buckle, embryo type selection has gum embryo, followed by wood embryo, behind the paper embryo; paper embryo made flip cover inevitably above buckle, in the overall development of the above we always learn or own inferior to gum embryo and wood box.

2. Heaven and earth cover watch box.

This kind of packing box is the common packing method at present. Basically what we see on the roadside or some simple small stores is this kind of packaging box, because the material occupies very little, labor costs are also quite low, the price is generally cheaper than the flip cover box, there are some expensive watches choose plastic parts as the shape of the world, the box is made straighter.

3. Book-shaped watch box with pillows.

As the name suggests, the book box is somewhat like a book, but it is also in the shape of a flap, but it is usually opened sideways and is suitable for watches with belts. This kind of display effect is relatively good, and the product is suitable for transportation. In fact, online business customers are suitable for manufacturing this shape of the most express packaging box, because the internal space can reach a good spacing, will not affect his effect.