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Design and production of paper packaging boxes

January 05 , 2022

Packaging can play a beautifying role for goods, so the design requires generous and beautiful, and it needs to have a strong artistry. Principles of environmental protection. Product packaging must meet the requirements of environmental protection and be recyclable. Today I will introduce the design and production of paper packaging boxes.

①Realize commodity value and use value, and is a means to increase commodity value;

②Protect products and tea packaging box factories from natural factors such as sun, rain and dust pollution. Tea packaging boxes are printed to prevent volatilization, leakage, melting, pollution, collision, extrusion, loss, and theft, etc. Loss;   ③ Brings convenience to the circulation link storage, transportation, adjustment and sales, such as loading and unloading, inventory, palletizing, delivery, receiving, transshipment, sales counting, etc.;

④ Beautify products, attract customers, and promote sales.

Economic principles. On the premise of conforming to the marketing strategy, packaging costs should be reduced as much as possible.