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Custom Tube Cosmetic Paper Gift Box Packaging

January 05 , 2022

People pack many cosmetics, such as skin creams, cleansers, BB creams, essential oils, perfumes, etc. in glass bottles. If the glass bottle is packed in a soft cardboard box, the glass bottle cannot be protected from being broken during transportation. When people use plastic boxes, they feel unfriendly and harmful to the environment. Comparing with other normal plastic tube boxes, paper tube box packaging is made of biodegradable paper material, not only friendly to the environment, but also natural and healthy to the human body. An eco-packaging box indicates clients that the inside product is natural and healthy.  People are more willing to believe that a cosmetic has an environmentally friendly box package is naturally beneficial to the skin.

The round box is made of off-white special paper printed with colorful design. The cylindrical box adopts the upper and lower crimping structure, which has a firm structure. It can placed a circular white EVA inner tray in the cylindrical bottom box. So it can well fix the cosmetic glass bottle inside. The EVA holder has a certain elasticity and a certain shock resistance, which protects the glass bottle from being broken easily. Of course, we can customize any size of paper round box and EVA inner tray according to the size of the customer’s product (such as the size of glass bottles). Specially tailored to produce packaging boxes required by cosmetics factories.

We provide cardboard cosmetic box tube in a number of styles and dimensions. Including thick cardboard pipes, small diameter paper pipes, etc. Use targeted printing methods, such as monochrome printing, four-color printing, hot stamping, etc., to create distinctive packaging designs to make sure that products stand out upon the shelves. Specific print content product packaging helps support your company activities and increases brand name recognition. If you need customized cylinder packaging with EVA inserts for a lot more products, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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