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Common Types Of Cookie Packaging Materials

January 04 , 2022

Nowadays, the food industry is developing rapidly and its market competition is becoming more and more fierce. At present, there are various kinds of cookie packaging in the market, and the cookie packaging materials are also different, among which the most popular is cookie box with dividers. There are four common types of cookie packaging: plastic packaging, wax paper packaging, carton packaging and tinplate packaging.

1. Plastic film packaging

The irreplaceable advantages of the material itself in many aspects such as performance, price and freight transportation make it widely used. Plastic film is a good moisture-proof packaging materials, the most used in cookie packaging, mainly in two forms: one is bulk, that is, measured cookies together into a bag, and then sealed with a heat seal; the other is wrapped, that is, a certain amount of cookies, generally about 50-100g, by arranging neatly, and then sealed with a film wrap. Most-used type is cookie box with dividers.


Plastic packaging features:

Advantages: plastic sealing, good barrier, plastic is light, easy to shape, simple packaging, easy to sell. This is the advantage of plastic packaging design.

Disadvantages of plastic packaging: it is not easy to natural decomposition, pollution of the environment, but also not easy to recycle

The plastic packaging is not easy to natural decomposition, pollution of the environment, but also not easy to recycle, causing serious pollution to the environment.


2. Wax paper packaging materials.

Wax paper wrapping is a simple form of cookie packaging, as long as the cookies are measured and arranged neatly, sealed with wax paper wrapping, and it is usually in the form of cookie box with dividers. This method of shading, moisture, lower cost, mostly used for bulk sales of cookie packaging.


3、Carton packaging materials.

Paper boxes, like cookie box with dividers, are most widely used in a variety of shapes, such as square, rectangular, octagonal shape, shaped, etc..

Paper is the cheapest, and easy to dissolve less pollution to the environment; carton packaging printing is convenient, lighter than glass packaging, metal packaging, easy to carry. Packaging strength is better, there is a certain degree of resistance to pressure, beautiful, strong commodity, moisture resistance, shading are good, with good printing adaptability and adhesive properties.

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