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Christmas Gift Box Customization

January 04 , 2022

We specialize in customizing christmas boxes in a variety of materials and structures, and have strong development capabilities to achieve results. Whether it is a conventional box or a unique shaped or cute christmas gift boxes, we can handle it with ease. We are able to provide unique insights and opinions during the preliminary communication process.

Material is the most direct manifestation of a packaging texture and grade. Cute christmas gift boxes are generally made of grayboard laminated paper, the more common on the market are: cardboard, coated paper, kraft paper, special paper... Copper plate paper coloring degree is high, printing more applicable. Cardboard and kraft paper with thick color and strong ink absorption. Special paper is a general term for special paper, often used in high-grade packaging。

Interesting or creative cute christmas gift boxes' structure can effectively attract the user's attention. This is especially true for gift boxes for Christmas and other holiday purposes. The functionality of the box, if you are a cosmetic product, how the product is placed, what kind of opening method can give people a bright impression.  While designing and producing the structure, we take into account the difficulty of implementation, the feasibility of mass production and cost control.